Become part of an intimate group of peers dedicated to growing their business, learning and growing... together!

Champion Mastermind for Women Entrepreneurs meets virtually monthly to tackle business challenges, gain clarity, expand options, share resources and champion one another to reach next level success.

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About Champion Mastermind for Women Entrepreneurs

Have you ever...

  • felt like you were going at it alone?
  • needed more time to work on the business instead of in the business?
  • thought your personal and professional development was stalling out?
  • been searching for your people?

Those reasons and more are why I created Champion Mastermind for Women Entrepreneurs: intimate peer groups of up to 10, to help each other grow their business. I’m pooling my decades of business, leadership and coaching experience along with research from past peer groups to create the right environment for women business owners to thrive.


“Michael has mastered the art of listening and understanding her clients and the people around her. Her unique ability to create space for each personality show up in their own way, then bring it all together to make a team stronger is something that sets Michael apart for other coaches and thought leaders. She creates a safe environment to learn from one another and learn more about yourself.”


“Michael provides a confidential, non-judgmental place to share business challenges and obstacles. She alleviates the pain of replaying situations in my mind, second-guessing what’s really going on or if the right decision was made, and helps remove repetitive thoughts. The outcome of the work we do together — makes me a stronger leader, a better communicator, and focused on what’s important to the growth of the business.”


“Michael's life and career experience gives tangible context to her coaching, giving reassurance that she is always one step ahead - in the best possible way. You can feel her compassion and empathy for you and your goals, while knowing she is always professional and fair. Simply put, Michael became my ally.”

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Why Mastermind for Women Entrepreneurs?

The truth is I struggled to find my people.

People inside and outside of my industry whom I could learn from and who would challenge me to be and do better. I attended a lot of networking events and conferences, but I always left feeling like it wasn’t quite my scene. People were great, they just didn’t feel like my people.

I was struggling in an executive role with no one to talk to or go to for advice.

My learning curve was high and I was really craving talking to others who had ideas and resources to help me. I had limited time and was feeling my frustration grow.

I was introduced to a Mastermind and that’s when everything changed. I had confidants, strong leaders who challenged my thinking, encouraged me and provided options to my challenges. In return, I shared my expertise and challenged my peers to help them.

We had a great coach in our facilitator who expanded our thinking with training and was there as a mentor when we needed it. The experience was so powerful.

As an entrepreneur, I spend a lot of time finding other business owners I can bounce ideas off of, who have expertise in areas I don’t, and who have already been through some of the things I’m going through. It takes a lot of time!

I combined my Mastermind experience, business and coaching background, and my entrepreneur “group of experts” approach to create Champion Masterminds for women entrepreneurs who have been in business at least three years, are generating 6 figure revenue and continuing to grow. 

Champion Mastermind Helps You:

Gain Clarity

on what’s most important now and what you want to make happen

Strengthen Courage

so that you take the action necessary to achieve your goals

Expand Knowledge

so that you have fresh perspective and ways to approach challenges.

Accelerate Momentum

so that you are growing your business

Stay Accountable

to push through the hard parts necessary to reach fullest potential

Build Community

of other entrepreneurs for shared expertise and support

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