Are you ready to get out of auto-pilot,
ditch the overwhelming chase of success,
and finally feel like the thriving badass you know you are?

Wynning Your Way is the revolutionary framework that will help you redefine your version of success, create sustainable and productive habits, and find your personal path to freedom so you can WIN your way in business and life!


Raise your hand if you’ve had one or more of these thoughts lately...

 I feel like I'm achieving less than I should.
There has to be a better way but I'm not sure what it is or how to do it.
If I take a break now, everything I’ve worked for will fall apart!

You push yourself to the limit time and time again because you think that’s the price you pay for achieving your goals.

Except... no amount of effort feels like enough.

You buzz with elevated anxiety because there’s always more to do. There’s always a new and shiny level to reach - professionally and personally.

There’s intense pressure falling on YOU to constantly perform at an optimized pace.

Your life feels out of control because you’ve sacrificed time with the people you love most and doing things that bring you joy just so you can fulfill someone else’s priorities.

Yet somehow, you’re still managing to survive. You’re not a quitter. You show up when you need to, and you’re the go-to person to get. things. done.

But you can’t shake the feeling that you can’t keep this up forever…


  • You’ve read the latest personal growth books.
  • You’ve taken the courses that give you some relief but don't stick.
  • You’ve attended rah-rah weekend seminars that leave you feeling motivated.
Let's be honest,


you already know what your life COULD look like…

You daydream about having the FREEDOM to operate at your own pace, the COURAGE to go after what you really want, and the RELIEF of finding success and happiness. 

But still, nothing is different because you don’t know what steps you need to get there.  

You’re stuck between KNOWLEDGE and ACTION. 

You want real and raw CHANGE, not another fluffy self-help book. You want to transform your thoughts AND actions, not another motivational seminar. 

You want a tried and true, guaranteed results that you can see NOW, not another 3-month program that MIGHT work.

I GET IT because I was just like you.

I was a striving, worn out achiever who believed I had to work hard non-stop to be successful. 

My identity was wrapped up in my career, and professional and personal goals achieved. 

Even though I was outwardly "successful", it was coming at a huge personal cost. I kept thinking there had to be a better way.

I spent years looking in all the wrong places
to find a solution. 

I read countless books that promised a new perspective…but never any action.

I paid hundreds for courses that promoted action… unrealistic actions I never completed.

I joined 10+ programs that provided new information and what to do, but not how to pull it all together!

I learned my go-to stress solution- to just run away from exhaustion by getting a new job, moving to a new city, or even country!


  • The ‘all or nothing’ approach.
  • Putting everyone else's priorities above my own.
  • Looking outside of self for solutions.
  • Refusing to ask for help.
  • Getting some satisfaction from being "busy".

It wasn’t until I forced myself to slow down and start connecting with the identity I wanted to have that I discovered how to STOP operating from a place of exhaustionand finally have the transformation I’d been seeking for all of those years.


Who is Michael Kithcart?

Michael W Kithcart is a high-performance leadership coach, consultant, and speaker.

Her 25-year career of leading, coaching, and developing people and businesses is incorporated into her training and coaching sessions to expand your perspective as well as deliver proven, researched options for better results.

Her own experience battling burnout while juggling personal and external expectations helps you put your current situation into perspective and commit to actions that will work for you to become more energized, and start winning your way.

She uses personal development, brain science, high-performance principles, and leadership experience to help achievers just like you shift thinking, energy, and actions in a way that will better serve you and the people around you so you can be the thriving high performer you know you are.

It’s time to stop giving in to everyone else’s priorities and start redefining what winning means to you.

“Michael has the ability to help you uncover life-changing, business-changing insights and strategies you will use for YEARS. And she does it in the most playful and easy way…it’s like stumbling over one valuable treasure after another during a lovely walk on the beach.”
CEO, Speaker, Author

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