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You’ve had success in life.  You’re ambitious and want to live a full life.  You know there’s more in you but lately you’ve been feeling unmotivated and unfulfilled.

Isn’t it time to stop struggling and champion your future?

I can help.

I’ve helped hundreds of high performers like you reach their next level of excellence.

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On our first call, I’ll share with you what I've learned about the world's most accomplished and influential people. And I’ll give you five principles you can use to better master your mind, body, and ability to be more productive and influential every day of your life.

Just start by filling out the application. Looking forward to working with you.

It’s your time! Let’s champion your future together!

Michael Kithcart
CYF Coaching



“Michael will rarely lay the “answers" out in black and white, instead she will guide you down the path that feels right for you, so that you can build your own confidence and skills along the way.”



“Michael struck a balance of listening and reflecting back with providing advice and guidance. We problem-solved together and practiced in the moment with feedback, which helped me build my skills. She asked good questions and there was wonderful collaboration along with coaching insight.



“I will always think of you as one of the people who helped me make my dream come to life."


Non-profit Executive

“Our sessions provided much needed clarity on strategy and direction, both for the growing organization and my personal and career development. Through Michael’s insightful questions and direct feedback, I gained critical insight into how to find alignment between the board, staff and other stakeholders for a three-year strategic plan."



“As we worked through a problem I was facing, Michael would challenge me to consider other possible explanations underpinning the team dynamics. She would always ask provocative questions that unlocked whole new ways that I might address an issue. She was unwavering in her support, encouraging me to recognize that while we can choose how to engage in solving an issue, we cannot control all the outcomes."



“Michael provides a confidential, non-judgmental place to share business challenges and obstacles. She alleviates the pain of replaying situations in my mind, second-guessing what’s really going on or if the right decision was made. The outcomes of the work we do together makes me a stronger leader, a better communicator, and focused on what’s important to the growth of the business."