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Hosted by Michael W Kithcart, High Performance Leadership Coach

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Michael has a powerful way of moving people forward, keeping us engaged, and making connections to the content efficiently. I learned a lot really fast.

– Cathy Paper, CEO RockPaperStar

How hard have you been working to keep up with business demands and meet everyone else's priorities?

Have you been questioning if you still have what it takes?

That's where I was years ago and it turned into burnout. It was hard to rebound and the sad reality is it was avoidable. 

If you're like many leaders...

  • You've been feeling like you've reached a point of no return.
  • You're questioning everything lately in your professional and personal life, or
  • You've noticed your priorities are changing and there's a shift in what's actually meaningful.

If any of that sounds like you, you may be on the brink of burnout.

Let me show you how you can exchange exhaustion for feeling energized and inspired so that you return to the thriving badass you truly are. 

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How much longer you can keep going at this pace?

Here’s a little secret… (Are you ready?)

Photo of Michael Wynne Kithcart


You CAN feel more energized, engaged, and have more ease in your days.

And you can do it quickly. 

It's a matter of learning how to shift a few key things that can have lasting impact on your life.

In this short 60-minute Masterclass, you'll discover how to avoid tipping into burnout in your life & QUICKLY re-energize yourself in ways that have you winning your way in business and in life.

The daily pressure is real, but being your true thriving badass means you not only have to master your thoughts but also the daily actions that it takes to show up confident, energized, and ready to succeed. 


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What You'll Learn

  • How your thoughts can either make you feel exhausted or energized (so why not choose energized!).
  • Five elements that generate energy (it's not what you think!).
  • How to move away from burnout and win your way in business and in life.

You make time for what you VALUE.

Are your current thoughts and actions demonstrating what YOU value, or what you think you're supposed hold in high regard?

The takeaways were succinct and actionable. I felt like I made friends with professional colleagues who I could relate to.”

- Beth Knox, CEO Seattle Sports Commission

Photo of Michael Wynne Kithcart

I know you already have what it takes to move from worn out to energized.


This Masterclass is for You if...

  • Reaching the point of exhaustion is your personal gauge that tells you when you’ve worked hard enough or long enough.
  • When those moments of calm do happen, you find yourself in a panic to fill the space, because if you’re not busy, there must be a ball dropping somewhere!
  • You secretly hope that no unexpected events come up because that would surely push you over the edge.


About Your Host

Michael W Kithcart is a high-performance leadership coach, consultant and speaker.  

Her 25-year career of leading, coaching and developing people and businesses is incorporated into her training and coaching sessions to expand your perspective as well as deliver proven, researched options for better results. 

Her own experience battling burnout while juggling personal and external expectations helps you put your current situation into perspective and  commit to actions that will work for you to become more energized, and start winning your way.

She uses personal development, brain science, high performance principles and leadership experience to help other high achievers just like you shift thinking, energy, and actions in a way that will  better serve you and the people around you.

It’s time to stop giving in to everyone else’s priorities and start redefining what winning means to you.

She will help you get OUT of the exhaustion trap and bring back a LIFE that energizes you.

Photo of Michael Wynne Kithcart

"Michael is a Champion. Being an entrepreneur can get lonely. Having a small group to confide in about my professional and personal challenges, especially during these tumultuous times in society, is priceless. "

- Tanya Meronik, Co-Founder, Techretaries

How much more could you achieve if you were ENERGIZED instead of exhausted?

You can find out by joining me in this special Masterclass event,
How to Move From Exhausted to Energized to learn a new path…a path where you can have success, time, and ENERGY. 

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