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Virtual Workshop for Sales Professionals and Entrepreneurs Who Are Ready to Take Their Revenue Potential to the Next Level.

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Hosted by Michael W Kithcart,
on December 9 from 12:00pm - 1:30pm CT
Space is limited to 30 participants.

Perfect for:
Sales Professionals | Revenue Generators | Entrepreneurs

“I’ve seen gradual year-over-year increase in my revenue, however, it feels safe and reachable.  During this workshop I was able to see that I tend to think and play small. lt gave me space to think about my numbers, but also tackle areas where I hold back.  It helped me release blocks and confidently set new targets for a new year.” 

– Tiffany M, Entrepreneur

Here's the Hard Truth:

Goal Setting is NOT the Key to Sales Success

If it was, you’d always hit your goals and wouldn’t panic reaching for a much bigger number…

Chances are you know the sales goal or income level you want to get to, but you are: 

  • Stuck thinking incremental growth is what’s possible
  • Not sure HOW you’d get to the number
  • Thinking there’d be a lot of pressure and expectation to achieve something you’ve never done before
  • Letting fear get in the way


Photo of Michael Wynne Kithcart

Incremental thinking will not get you exponential results.

In order to get to a next level of sales growth, you have to step beyond the old model and approach to goalsetting.

Brainsetting breaks through mental barriers and ineffective actions. It starts with the desired end result and transforms the realization of what’s truly possible.

Look, you can’t create a new level of winning operating the same way that produced old goals. You must have alignment with the thinking and actions that support a different level of outcome.

This workshop will fundamentally change the way you look at, approach and accomplish revenue goals that initially feel intimidating.

If you aren’t a little uncomfortable in this workshop, you’re not stretching your revenue realm of possibility.

This 90-minute virtual workshop is highly interactive and reflective to expand the ability to see a whole new level of outcome.


You will recognize how your current take on growing your business is limiting you.

You’ll learn how to approach your REAL desired income in a future-forward and focused way so you can start to see that a next-level outcome is possible.

Discover how to Grow Revenue in ’22 through Brainsetting so you can reach your I-can’t-believe-I-did-it money goal.

Photo of Michael Wynne Kithcart

Hosted by Michael W Kithcart on
December 9 
from 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm CT

Space is limited.

Perfect for:
Sales Professionals | Revenue Generators | Entrepreneurs

About Your Host

I’m Michael Kithcart, a high-performance sales coach who helps overextended sales managers and their teams re-engineer their approach to success so they can win their way in business- and in life- and finally feel like the thriving badasses they truly are. 

My 30+ years of sales experience started by selling books door to door my freshman year in college. Since then, I have been a 100% commissioned salesperson, Sales Manager, VP of
Sales, and have trained or coached thousands of sales professionals.

My experience leading high-performing teams and battling personal and external expectations helps you put your current situation into perspective and commit to actions that will work for you to start winning your way.

I use brainsetting, high-performance principles, sales acumen, and personal development to help other high achievers just like you shift thinking, energy, and actions in a way that will better serve you and the people around you. 

Photo of Michael Wynne Kithcart

And now, I’m taking you through the step-by-step process that has led revenue generators to identify AND reach new levels of income.

"“My anxiety turned into excitement! I feel optimistic about my goal being 100% possible and my barriers to negative thinking are gone. This is SUCH a powerful tool for overcoming a fixed mindset, old stories, fears, excuses, etc… about how much revenue is possible. It’s not just about hitting a number, it’s about expressing my beliefs and living in a way that feels true - and that it’s my DUTY to myself to earn this level of income!”

- Jenny E, CEO and Speaker

In 90 minutes, you will...

  • Learn Brainset techniques to get you beyond the numbers and accelerate results.
  • Identify your true revenue potential for ’22 without breaking down the hows.
  • Have specific steps you’re taking to be more proactive, stay growth-oriented, and
    have more fun winning big.
  • Uncover why your revenue goal is really important to you, and why that matters to get new outcomes.                                             

Most importantly, you’ll discover how you can go beyond sales mechanics and traditional goal setting exercises to reach a new level of success that can be more rewarding.

Grow Revenue in ’22 includes:

  • 90 minute workshop and recording – Value: $2500
  • Know Your Numbers Pre-Session Worksheet – Value: $500
  • Post-session worksheet of session to replicate the process – Value: 500
  • Productivity Guide to keep momentum on the right things in the new year - $500
  • BONUS FREE one-hour, live, in-the-moment group coaching in February to keep you
    on track – Value: $1,000

Total Value: $5,000


For Just $497!


I know time and resources are valuable.

I know it’s worth the investment because:

  • A coaching client has used this process for two years to exceed budgets AND stretch
  • Brainsetting helped my team as a sales leader consistently outperform other sales
  • A recent participant raised their ’22 goal $300K and mapped out how it’s TOTALLY doable

I want you to have the same opportunity to reach a new level of revenue!

This Workshop is Not for You if...

  • You don’t want significant growth in revenue.

  • You won’t commit to owning and tracking your sales numbers.

  • You still believe it has to be a struggle to earn money.

This Workshop is Perfect For You If...

  • You’re ready to take a new approach to planning your business for ’22.

  • You’re done playing small and willing to reach a whole new level of revenue.

  • You want to expand possibility.

"Michael’s coaching made all the difference. What we accomplished in a
year of COVID is nothing short of a miracle."

- Katie C., Sales Ninja

Stop playing small and wasting time on actions that don’t get you the results you’re craving.


Attend the Grow Revenue in ’22 Workshop


A $5,000 value for just $497!

Learn a proven method for revenue success!


Hosted by Michael W Kithcart
on December 9 from 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm CT
Space is limited.