Are you ready to lead a powerhouse team, consistently exceed goals,
and create an environment where everyone thrives?

Wynning Your Way is the revolutionary framework that helps striving yet overwhelmed leaders build high performing teams, reach goals, and do less better so that you and your team are winning in business and in life.


If you're like most leaders, you often say...

“I want to be a great leader… but I’m being pulled in so many directions. I just don’t have time to do it all!”

“Even though I give 110%, sometimes I feel like my team isn’t matching my energy and developing at the rate I want...”

“I want to win, but it’s impossible to inspire and motivate everyone all the time… sometimes it’s easier if I just do it myself.”

But here’s the truth: Just because you know how to do it doesn’t mean that you should be doing it.

Chances are you were once a team rockstar and that winning edge hasn’t left you. You know how to get the job done. 

But now, your role has shifted. You’ve taken over an entire team who is relying on you to coach them into performing at their highest potential- but you have no idea where to find that type of coaching. 

Instead, you push yourself to the limit time and time again to motivate your team and meet your goals.

Except... no amount of effort feels like enough.

You buzz with elevated anxiety because there’s always more to do. There’s always a new and shiny level to reach - professionally and personally.

There’s intense pressure falling on YOU to constantly perform at an optimized pace so your team can thrive.

At work, you feel like you’re the only one holding your team together. 

But deep down, you’re overwhelmed because you’ve sacrificed so much time with the people you love most and given up on doing things that bring you joy… just so that you can crush your goals and succeed in your career.

Yet somehow, you’re still managing to survive. You’re not a quitterYour team relies on you, so you always show up and get. things. done.

But you can’t shake the feeling that you can’t keep this up forever…



  • You’ve read the latest personal growth books.
  • You’ve taken the training courses that teach the systems and processes.
  • You’ve joined the thousands-of-dollars leadership programs that leave you feeling motivated to finally coach your team... for a while.
Let's be honest,


you already know what your life COULD look like…

You daydream about having the FREEDOM to operate at your own pace, the COURAGE to go after what you really want, and the RELIEF of finding success and happiness. 

But still, nothing is different because you don’t know what steps you need to get there.  

You’re stuck between KNOWLEDGE and ACTION. 

You want real and raw CHANGE, not another how-to guide. You want to transform your thoughts AND actions, not another motivational seminar. 

You want tried and true results that you can implement NOW and see progress.

I GET IT because I was just like you.

First, I was the individual contributor. The professional who thrived on crushing goals, consistently being the top-performer, and always doing what it took to be the best - for my clients, team, and earning potential.

But I did this at great expense to my health and personal relationships. 

And when I became a leader for the first time, nothing really changed.

I focused on the numbers, the activity, and the contests. I tried to motivate my team to have the same high-achieving attitude, but I never felt like I was doing enough.

Leaders suffer from similar challenges:

We are 'all or nothing' type of people.

We put others' priorities above our own.

We want to bring the best out in our team.

We run full tilt, but do wonder if it's sustainable

I didn’t know how to achieve my goals through others. I was an adequate leader, but I wasn’t great and I had no clue how to make that leap.


  • I poured over leadership books and applied new techniques.
  • I changed roles to expand my sphere of influence.
  • I became an executive coach and helped other sales leaders and entrepreneurs build teams and revenue.

It wasn't until I invested in a coach that I

to reaching all of my sales goals by unlocking others' full potential.

Leadership changed for me. 

Yes, there were (and always will be!) goals, company directives, client needs, and talent development. 

But, there is also a need to slow down and start connecting with the identity you want to have, so you can stop operating from a place of overwhelm.


Who is Michael Kithcart?


Michael Wynne Kithcart is a high-performance executive coach, host of the Champions of Risk Podcast, and creator of the Wynning Your Way method. She helps leaders and sales teams redefine success, re-engineer thinking, and re-align actions so they can deliver next-level outcomes without existential meltdowns, compromising joy, or only running on caffeine for daily doses of energy.


Michael incorporates her 25-year experience of leading, coaching, and developing hundreds of businesses and leaders to create an accurate picture of what’s required to be better and get better results. Her coaching has resulted in clients out-performing in the market, surpassing stretch goals within a fiscal year, and growing revenue year over year by 50%. 


Her approach to high performance comes from her own experience battling achievement overload while juggling personal and external expectations. Now she helps leaders and teams move from stuck to unstoppable, all starting with how to define what it really means to “Wyn” their way.

“Michael has the ability to help you uncover life-changing, business-changing insights and strategies you will use for YEARS. And she does it in the most playful and easy way…it’s like stumbling over one valuable treasure after another during a lovely walk on the beach.”
CEO, Speaker, Author

It’s time to stop giving in to everyone else’s priorities and
start redefining what winning means to you….

A fast-track program designed for striving  leaders that will transform you and your team so you can crush goals and
“WYN” in business and life.

Perfect for overworked leaders who are committed to bringing out the best in their team and regaining control of their life.

Wynning Your Way is perfect for Leaders who are:

  • Well-versed and willing to look beyond the numbers to exceed goals and elevate their team.
  • Overwhelmed and overworked managers. They’re running hard, wearing out, and are feeling they aren’t able to give their best to their team.
  • High-achievers whose motivated energy isn’t matched by their team and struggle to find a way to inspire those around them.
  • People pleasers who put everyone else’s priorities above their own and can’t seem to find any time for themselves.

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