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Getting Your Mojo Back

Sep 22, 2021

Season 2, Episode 34


What happens when you lose your Mojo? You, know the thing that drives you, keeps you accomplishing and achieving, keeps the energy and enthusiasm firing. So many of us have lost our fire-in-the-belly this year at one time or another. But what do you do if you’ve had the blahs and the mehs for a while and you’d like to get it back? We don’t all work at Axe Capital and have Wendy Rhoades to put us back on track. So in this episode, I share my elixir to the mojo ho-hums – WWWWW. It’s been a well-received recipe and I’m betting it just might just do the trick for you. 



Wendy Rhoades Fixing Mindsets

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Michael Kithcart: 

Hello, I'm Michael Kithcart, creator of the Wynning Your Way framework and performance coach to sales leaders.

Welcome to the Champions of RISK Podcast, where we examine the many aspects of risks so that we can all face uncertainty with more courage, confidence, and some humor together. I just have to admit to you, you know, like, lately, I kind of feel like I've lost my edge a little bit, I still feel pretty energized.

I love what I do, I love what I do, I love the leaders that I help, the impact that's made. But I've also noticed that I've kind of been questioning myself more lately.

And that I have like this frenetic energy around me to the point where like focus, which is usually like one of my strengths is like all over the place. It's kind of foggy, I just flat out, don't have it.

And my thoughts, they like ping pong, back and forth between what I have to do what I should do what I don't want to do. It's out of the ordinary, but it is also pretty loud at the moment. And I thought I was the only one. Here's a great lesson right here.

Like, what is most personal is most general. So I was like, What is wrong with me What is going on?

Like, I feel like I lost my edge, I lost my mojo. And I actually decided to talk to some people about this other business owners, members of my Champion You Group Coaching. And it was almost like, we all had a sense of relief, because there's just like something weird going on here.

It's popping up in others, so I wanted to talk to you about it on the podcast, because maybe you've been feeling it too.

Like, have you been feeling like you're looking for your mojo, where in the world did the Mojo go? And when I talk about it, I'm really talking about, maybe it's a combination, right of like something around confidence, energy, enthusiasm, all of that, in varying degrees has kind of waned a little bit. And if you're anything like me, you want to get it back, right.

And we all have mojo inside of us, where we are the rock star of our life, where we can admit that deep down, we know that we are capable of doing great things, of crushing goals of being the best version of ourselves, of just really enjoying and appreciating what we have in our lives. But sometimes we forget, we get tired, we get worn down.

And that godforsaken inner critic raises its voice and just kind of like takes over. So we've got to do something about this collectively. And I would like to suggest a five W approach. And my five W approach is What I Want, When I Want to Weekend.

That's right.

You want the what I want, when I want to weekend to get some rest, to rejuvenate, to reflect and to just be. And not try and figure everything out. Or try and accomplish an enormous to do list.

I get that a single weekend might not accomplish all of this. It's not a cure all. Okay? Well, if you could consider this a starting point, maybe it's like a reset. And if a weekend is not doesn't work for you, I mean, choose any kind of timeframe that you want. It's really more about the approach what I want when I want to time period.

Okay. And I only have three rules around this only. So the five W's have three rules. It's there's no schedule, there's no social media, and there's no shoulds during this time period. And the intention with this is that you go against the grain of what your day to day probably consists of. And we said like replace it with time and space to do whatever you want. I mean, play navel gaze, read, rest, visit with people be in silence, whatever it is.

You just do it without a specific timeframe. Like at one o'clock, I'm going to go do this. It is just like when the mood strikes you, you do it. And this is a big distinction because you know, when I laid this out to people to the group coaching team, like people are like, well, what like I'm like supposed to not do anything. And the five W's isn't about doing nothing.

It's really more about doing things when you feel like it. And if it's nothing, then that's, that's your prerogative, it's okay. There's like, again, there's only three rules to it.

There's no schedule, there's no social media, and there's no shoulds. Outside of that. It's all for you. But you do things only because you feel like it or you're moved to do so in the moment, it could be something as simple as setting up for a walk and not worrying about when you're going to be back, like, I'm going to walk for the next hour now just go for a walk.

It could be about enjoying your amazing life, because chances are, there's really a lot of loveliness around you. But when was the last time you actually sat down and noticed it, enjoyed it for what it was and just weren't rushing off to the next five or six days.

Now, this might feel like a guilty pleasure to you, and if so, all the more reason to challenge yourself to do it. And it just might be the first step that's going to reignite getting your mojo back. You might be a little skeptical at the moment like really could just like a short period of time, doing nothing in particular, what just what I want what I want, actually get your mojo back. Well, let me tell you, I've done it. I took I did my own five W's people in the Champion New Group Coaching, did it. And here's just some of the feedback.

What were the outcomes of doing it? People felt more rested, actually felt happier and more joyful for no particular reason. Just did. Taking the time actually made them ready to tackle Monday. And just giving themselves the freedom it they said that it felt like they had so much time. I felt like this too. I still like did a lot of things. And others did too. Over the course of the weekend. We all didn't have the weekend. But it was stuff that we wanted to. And only in the timeframe that it worked for us, like books were read, naps were taken.

Great ideas emerged, right? There was a long time there's quiet time there was just like quality time with the people that we loved. So if you think that that too could be the outcome that you could get from the five W's, why in the world, would you not just try it?

I really here's, I'm lobbing out that challenge to you to give the five W's a try. And then once you get some rest, once you have an opportunity to kind of reset, rejuvenate, and just like not- have 48 hours of just not trying to accomplish anything in particular, then it's possible to get your mojo back.

That in and of itself will do it for some people will be off and running like I'm good. I'm back. And for others, it's the beginning. So what do you do after your what I want when I want weekend? Here are three things that you can do.

Remember that you've had success before. you've figured it out, you've got back on track, you've closed the deal, you're once on fire, it is possible to get back. The second thing is go back to those moments. What were you doing to feel on fire?

What's been missing? And how can you get that back?

You know, so sometimes what happens is we just we do we get off track a little bit. And there was something that we were doing on a consistent basis that was really contributing to the way that we felt to the outcomes that we're we're getting maybe we took it for granted it became a habit.

And so just giving yourself a little bit of time to assess what do I used to do that I'm not doing now that really helped me.

Bring it back.

Bring it back back, you could also seek inspiration. Maybe it's a favorite movie, it's a quote, it's a person that, that, a mentor to you spend some time with them. That's another way to get your mojo back. And I'm going to, I'm going to put a clip of something that I love to watch.

While I love the show Billions. So if there's any other Billions fans out there, give me a shout out. But Wendy Rhodes is a performance coach for investors, right for the hedge funders that are at x capital. And there is a scene it's like, I think it's called resetting mindset where one of the guys goes in and he's like, I think I've lost it, you know, like, I'm off 4%.

And you know, everybody else is like, 10%, above last year's numbers, and I just like, maybe I need medication, maybe I need to go see a shrink. And she's like, you don't need any of that. Stand up. Remember who you are. This is what got you there. This, you know, got you here. And this is- tap back into that, because that is what's going to get you over this hump. And by the end of the time, you know, he's walking out of the office thinking, I'm pretty flippin amazing. So I'm gonna put that link in the show notes.

If you are feeling like you could use a little dash of Wendy Rhodes, I highly recommend watching that show. And the last thing I want to say, I guess, I guess I really had four things, but who cares, right? It's rack up the wins at the end of the week, because so often, everybody's just like, on to the next thing on to the next thing. But to take 10 minutes and really go Hey, what actually went well this week? It doesn't have to be like big huge Rockstar moments.

Every day, you know, to make it a good week. Monday could have like, sucked, quite frankly. But there were things that happened that were good progress. Maybe it was an out and out when you did something good for yourself.

You felt more energized. And those collectively made for a really good week. I mean, I just I had one of these recently, I had a week that if you would ask me at the beginning, I would have been like no way this this was not not a winning week for me. But I forced myself on the Friday to really assess. On the Monday I was like, beside myself.

Felt just, things were not coming together. And by Tuesday, I was grinding it out. I was- but I was going nowhere. I mean, it felt like I was running in place on that Tuesday.

On the Wednesday, I had a friend of mine, say, hey, maybe you're just trying to do too much in too short of a time, maybe you should just give yourself some more time to complete these things, which, you know, like quite frankly, had never occurred to me. It's always nice to be coached, right? But it was almost like she gave me permission.

And once that happened, like everything started to fall into place, like things that I had kind of put off to the wayside. Now it was like now I had a reason why I wanted to bring them in and I wanted to get them accomplished. Oh, I blew shit up on Thursday. I mean, like, Okay, this is this is how we're going to do things going forward.

The team was just like, Okay, here we go. And by Friday, massive action had taken place, timelines were updated. I mean, I was back on track, I did see the whole business just kind of going doot-doot-doot-doot-d ot in order. If I hadn't stopped down and taken inventory, I wo ldn't have realized that th t was actually a really big w ek. I mean, certainly there was a difference between the onday and the Friday, right. ut it was the sequence of event that really put me on the right path. Got me focused on the hings that I needed to be and I was off and running. That, m friends was a Mojo week.

But i I would have, if I wouldn't hav stopped down, I can't tell y u that I would have fully realiz d it. So I can't emphasize enough just take a few minutes at the end of the week to rack up what the wins are to really see what got accomplished individual days or moments, you know, we might not be able to see it, but we string those together.

And there was winning that occurred. And I really believe that if you stop down chances are really high that you're going to see that you've just had a mojo week yourself. So we are all in this together. And I just shared some of my misfires, my low moments. I want to hear from you. Email me. Let me know like, Did you try the five W's? What happened? Like, what were the outcomes? How did you feel afterwards? What did you do over your weekend? Just - did you sleep the whole time? I want to know, send me an email, I put it in the show notes, will be super easy. And just, there's no harm in trying, right?

So I look forward to hearing the results. And I'll catch you next time on the Champions of RISK podcast.

Look, I hate to break it to you. But goal setting is not the key to sales success. It's necessary. But it's not the key to winning, because if it was every single sales team with a goal would hit it. And if you're like most sales professionals, chances are pretty high you've missed a budget or two in your career. I know I have. But there are other factors that contribute to consistently getting your desired results.

So I want you to join me for a free workshop that I'm doing on October 7, called The Three Roadblocks Keeping Sales Teams from Winning. Achievement isn't the problem. Working harder is not the answer.

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