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Want better sales results? Become a better leader.

Wynning Your Way™ is a robust 10-month team development program that improves the effectiveness of your sales team so you can grow revenue and achieve next-level results. 

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Your sales team needs infrastructure.

Build the high-performing infrastructure your sales team needs. Our program includes both individual coaching and team workshops, all focusing on personal growth and accountability as well as improving team dynamics.

We will help you close the gap between knowing, doing, and succeeding.

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Our path to Wynning is simple.

Brain Setting 
  • The power of thought
  • Leveling up your identity
  • Redefining success
Aligned Actions 
  • How change really works
  • Defining capabilities
  • Aligning new behaviors and habits
Wynning Your Way
  • Courageous commitment
  • Elevating wellbeing
  • Accomplishing next-level results

You'll walk away with

  • Sales leadership fundamentals and best practices
  • Mindset shifts for high-performance sales leadership
  • Enhanced people management skills
  • Powerhouse sales team creation methods
  • Conflict management, accountability structures, and trust-building skills
  • Coaching and development resources to grow next level leaders
  • Individual development plans to guide and track progress

"Michael asks the tough questions that I don't want to answer, but I'm better for her making me really think and answer them."

Lynne L.
Director of Partner Marketing

Is your organization ready for

  • a high-performing sales leadership team that drives better results for next level revenue growth?
  • a streamlined approach for conducting one-on-one coaching, holding effective team meetings, handling conflict, decision making, and building high performing teams?
  • a talent bench of high potential leaders who can continue to be developed for succession planning?
  • leaders who consistently uplevel their identity and results to match company revenue goals?
  • proven tools to build a culture of elevated emotional intelligence, accountability, and high performance?
We're Ready!
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It’s time for a different outcome!

It’s time to

  • Bring your sales A-Game
  • Find out how much more you are capable of
  • Exceed your sales goals

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