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To change the way we do business by empowering people to actualize the champion within.


To partner with leaders so they and their teams become more effective, drive better results, and experience greater joy in life.


1. Make New Rules and Win Your Way
2. Practice Self-Empowering Beliefs
3. Simultaneously Challenge and Champion
4. Have Fun While Getting the Work Done
5. Be Better to Self and Better to Others
6. Drive Sustainable, Next-Level Results

My journey has been a fulfilling zig-zag of opportunity, adventure, challenge, and success.

I've been a coach to CEOs, entrepreneurs, executives, sales leaders, “career transitioners” and ambitious directors. I've helped ideate and strategize business plans, build teams and cultures, and guided overwhelmed yet highly talented professionals, both as a coach and also in my leadership roles as Chief Operating Officer, Chief Strategy Officer and VP of Sales .

I've always strived for something different for myself, to forge my own path, and to help others do the same. I'm uncommonly comfortable with new surroundings. From an early age, I moved around the US, and as an adult, I've lived in Europe and worked on micro-finance and empowerment of women projects in Southeast Asia and Africa. These experiences showed me what is possible with the power of community and empowerment for all, especially women.

Coaching came from my journey of learning about myself and striving to be and do better as a leader and a person. I was lucky to work with an executive coach early in my leadership career and quickly wanted to be "one of them." I recognized the same pull of wanting to create an impact, of helping others navigate change, of working with others to translate and work through the "rules" of corporate life. I also realized how essential wellness is to overall leadership success and that physical and life balance is just as important as the next performance review.

Coaching brings me joy and fulfillment because I get to see the tangible results of a person or a team's commitment, not only in their renewed happiness or career progression but also in the success and evolution of the teams or businesses they lead.

My road of self-discovery and improvement continues to evolve, and this means I'm on the journey with you, practicing what I preach, testing out techniques, theories, and ideas on myself, all while bringing you methods, processes, and practices that work.