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Guiding Tips in Times of Uncertainty

Mar 18, 2020

A lot of time has been spent in the past week talking with business owners, leaders, and friends about how to best navigate the daily changes and growing uncertainty with the coronavirus pandemic. It is clearly impacting how we connect, communicate, conduct business, and keep our families, teams and communities safe. Even as people and businesses are making sacrifices, there is genuine concern for others, and large spread help and support offered. We are rising to the occasion on many levels. At the same time, it can take a toll on even the most hearty, positive, optimistic among us. I wanted to share tips that myself and others have found useful in hopes there’s a nugget or two you can add to what you’re already doing to stay resilient and strong.

Things that might be helpful right now:

  1. Show and acknowledge gratitude. There is positive all around us if we choose to see it. At least once daily, preferably morning and night, stop down and identify what’s going right, what good happened in the day. Trust me, it can make a difference.

  2. Take a role model mindset. Be the leader that’s needed right now for your family, your team, your community. Model the behavior that weathers tough times. This isn’t a strive for perfection. It’s being purposeful in displaying helpful behaviors that can restore peace and confidence in others. In doing so, you’ll elevate peace and confidence in yourself. For more information, check out the  The Brendon Show  podcast on Fear, Focus and Forecast for very practical, useful tools for right now.

  3. Develop new habits. Habits create structure and a routine, and these are things that you can count on, even now. Getting creative in maintaining or starting a healthy lifestyle or keeping a commitment to learning will help weather the storm better. Think about what you do when you’re feeling your best or are doing your best work. What actions can you bring back into your daily routine or amplify right now? If moving your body is one of those habits and you’re looking for options in your home, check out  this video  from resiliency and wellness coach and speaker, Jenny Evans.

  4. Focus on thoughts and actions. It may seem like a lot is out of our control right now, but we can always control our thoughts and our actions. Pay attention to what you’re telling yourself, others, and what your actions are staying about your state of mind. If you notice there’s a fair amount of negativity in either, work toward shifting them. When you notice your actions aren’t helpful to your state of mind or there there’s a dark story line on repeat, notice it and replace it with something positive. Use a mantra if you need to or go move around, even if it’s in your house. We all have the power to change our mind and actions at any given moment. Notice it, take a break, reset, continue with a better mindset.

  5. Identify what you can count on right now. This can be helpful with any key decision making that has to take place. What do you know for sure or have a solid understanding that you can count on? Maybe it’s certain customers, your team, times of day that are optimal, your personality or general outlook. There is always some level of certainty even in the moments where we are surrounded in chaos. Identifying it and building from there will exercise resilience and confidence.

If you are feeling isolated and want a sounding board to help you work through decision making or to think out loud, I’m offering a coaching session at no charge. You can sign up  here . We are better together.


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