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Jenn Whitmer Managing Conflict and the Enneagram

Jan 27, 2021

Season 2, Episode 4


“Conflict happens when limited resources crash into differing goals.” - Jenn Whitmer

Conflict impacts all our lives. Handled poorly, it erodes relationships, alienates people, and impacts the quality of leadership. It doesn’t have to be that way. Conflict isn’t a bad thing. It’s how we deal with it that can mess things up. Today’s guest, Jenn Whitmer, is a speaker, leadership and Enneagram coach and training.  Her own personal experience with a leader who refused to handle conflict led her to study the art of conflict. Her love of teaching made her want to help others better understand themselves and start to see conflict as a good thing. Hear how self-compassion and understanding our fears can lead to better conflict resolution. Jenn shares three tips you can implement not to resolve conflict and an overview of how the Enneagram helps us understand our “why” instead of “what”.  Conflict and the Enneagram on today’s episode of Champions of RISK podcast. 



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