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Michael Kithcart on Being Your own Champion

Mar 17, 2021

Season 2, Episode 11


“Champion is about being a warrior and an advocate. When you break it down, if you’re rallying a team, building a business, working on being the best version of you, how could you be anything other than a champion?” – Michael W Kithcart

The only thing I love more than winning is helping other people win.

Everyone needs a champion in their corner, someone who sees the potential before you do, who believes in your ability when you’re not quite yet there.

At the same time, it’s essential to learn how to champion yourself, make your voice heard, champion your dreams. 

This week’s episode breaks down the many ways champion is not reserved for athletic elites, but rather a movement to bring out the very best in yourself and others. 





Hello, I'm Michael Kithcart.

I'm a high performance business coach and entrepreneur who helps more announced drivers move from stuck to unstoppable.

Welcome to the Champions of RISK podcast where we examine the many aspects of risk, so we can all face uncertainty with more strength and courage together.

Today, I'm going to do a little explaining, I get asked a lot about the word champion, and my use of it with the Champions of RISK podcast, the Champion Your Future things that I post, the Champion You proclamations, the group coaching that's called Champion You.

And oftentimes, when I get asked this question, people will say things like, well, I, I just don't use that word, I don't feel like a champion, or I'm not athletic.

And as much as I love sports, and especially football, like, champion, this, the way I use the word, it has nothing to do with sports.

And so I wanted just to share a little bit behind it, because, to me, it's really a powerful word. I use it deliberately.

And I think the best way for me to break it down, is to demonstrate it in the form of both a verb and a noun.

Because one of the reasons that I think it's powerful is that it's something that you can do, you can champion others you can be in their corner, you can help build them up, rise up with them, or with you, when they're maybe aren't feeling it quite themselves yet.

And on the other side, like you can be a champion, you can be an advocate for yourself, you can be the warrior that you're meant to be.

And so let's just take a look at this a little bit. Because chances are, you are a champion.

Okay, let's dig into this a little bit.

Now, I'm going to just proclaim here that I love winning, I love reaching goals, I love winning as a team, I love to know how to win, strive for it, even if I don't get there, you know, at least I'm making that attempt.

But above all of that the thing that I love most of all, is helping other people when, when their way, like whatever it is that they want to achieve.

When they get those little moments where it made a difference.

They had progress, they tried something different.

And it worked, you know, like that is what I think, is truly the great thing about being a coach. The reality is that we all need a champion, in our corner, someone who can see the potential in us before we can, somebody who believes in our ability before we really have an more in ourselves.

So that verb form of champion in the form of to champion others is so important. And when you think of it, right, like, it's really like the basis of mentorship.

If you've ever helped somebody out who was newer than you, who was doing things for the first few times that you've already done for years, you're a champion, you are championing them to be able to learn a new skill, to try a new habit to get out of their comfort zones in order to get the goal that they're seeking.

And it's really important when you say if you ever did play sports, you know, certainly coaches could, could be that way.

But outside of that, because I really want to like distance myself today, around the association between the word in sports, as hard as that might be.

But it really if you stop and think for a moment, all the places in your lives, like for some people, it's their parent, right like that are always there, cheering them on as they were growing up.

Maybe you now as a parent are doing that for your children.

And when you think like fundamentally how important that is to just know that you've got somebody on your side when maybe the world is beating the crap out of you. It makes a huge difference.

And the other piece of this is that once we kind of get our sea legs around it.

And we've benefited from other people helping us elevate our voice and get better and rise up with them, we need to step into our own greatness and become the noun of champion, become the advocate of yourself, become the warrior.

And it's so important to learn how to champion yourself to make your voice heard to believe in your dreams, and to have the guts to pursue them, no matter the outcome. I mean, that's more your level activity.

And so I want nothing like bigger, like, what could I make happen in the whole entire world, if more people could become a champion for themselves, and for others, it would change the world. And so many of us out here have a responsibility to do that, I'd be hard pressed to here, think of anybody who didn't have the responsibility, in some way, shape, or form, to really be advocating for others, as well as self to bring people along. While you're also rising up.

That just seems like a human thing to do. And from that perspective, for me, that is why I named a lot of things champion, like the name of the podcast, for me, if you think bout it, like champion is about being a warrior, and an advocate.

And if you break it own, if you're rallying a team, if you're building a business, if you're working on being the best version of you, how could you be anything other than a champion?

Now, champion does have something to do with inning, for sure.

And for me, t's about winning your way; to really find ways that are working for you that change over time.

So you keep evolving, but finding ways to win in your business in your life, personally, professionally, your own definition of it, not anybody else's. If you are winning in your life, by your own definition, you're a champion.

No doubt about it, So I want to hear from you. H w, in what ways- are you championing you? Are you a champion for others?

And even who has championed you in the past that made a difference on your life that has helped you get to where it is that you are today? And I'm up for the challenge.

If you think like my definitions of champion, don't ring true across the board, let me know I'm I'm open to this conversation.

I'm sharing with you why I think it's a universal word by there is a lot of strength behind the word and why I use it in my business.

So I hope you enjoy the explanation.

I will catch you on the next podcast. Hey, if you are like most people you want this year to be better than last year. Right? So how's it going so far?

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