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Word of the Year

Dec 22, 2021

Every year a group of us share what our word of the year is going to be and why it’s our word. The intention is to select one word that encapsulates what we most want out of the year. The idea it becomes our mantra, our reminder of what we want to create, experience, attract.

At the end of each year, we talk about how our word showed up throughout the year, ways it didn’t emulate what we wanted, ways it helped us along the way…and then we choose the next word for the new year (WOY).

I like to start thinking about my word in early December. Some years I’ve made a long list and slowly narrow it down. Other times it’s clear what I want more of in my life and that becomes the word. Freedom. Ease.

It’s interesting how the definition and interpretation of the word morphs with my experiences. My 2021 year was ease and in a lot of ways it has felt like one of my harder years. I also recognized that I often ignored my WOY and opted to double down or keep going. It was only when I relented, created a little more space, that the solution because easy, the next project magically appeared. Ease for me ended up meaning ease up. Not what I had been thinking back in

A couple of weeks ago a word popped in my head and I instantly thought “oh, this is my WOY22”. Then I went about my business, but the word kept popping up…in my thoughts, in things I’ve been reading. So, I’m going with it. My word for 2022 is Disrupt. It feels empowering. It feels like I’m going to get a lot of the right shit done. And I’m pretty sure it means I’m going to be disrupting thinking… mine AND yours.

Take some time and think of what you want for 2022 and the word that best represents it. Let me know your WOY22 and champion one another throughout the coming year!


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