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It's time to reach next level growth

It’s time for a different outcome, and yet going at it alone can stall out the best of intentions. 

MWK Coaching moves you from stuck to UNSTOPPABLE. Gain the clarity needed to make key decisions and connect to new information and ideas to see a new possibility. Get an accountability partner to support you in taking the action needed for change and a champion for your vision and success along the way.

MWK's Story

For the Worn Out Achiever on the Brink of Burnout:

Are you ready to get out of auto-pilot, ditch the overwhelming chase of success, and finally feel like the thriving badass you know you are?


“Michael has the talent for deep listening to understand the root of the issues you’re struggling with and asking powerful questions to help you uncover the answers. She’s also an incredible resource when it comes to being tactical, resourceful and productive. She’s helped me make a number of business decisions over the years that have not only led to increased revenue, but also increased happiness and fulfillment while doing it. I endorse her 100%!”

Jenny Evans, CEO, Speaker and Author

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Wynning Your Way

For Overstretched  Leaders Ready to for a new way to Win 

Fast Track

Champion YOU Group Coaching

For Leaders Committed to Personal Growth


Performance  Coaching

For Executives and Senior Leaders Wanting to Create a High-Performance Culture

One on One

“Once you connect back to your truth about who you are and what you want to achieve from your work, you will be a powerful champion for yourself and others.”

–Michael W Kithcart

5x Your Personal Power

This 5x Your Personal Power Workbook is filled with self-growth exercises, top tips from podcasts, and action items for you to put into practice. Podcast topics include: Eliminating Excuses, Freedom is NOT What You’re Seeking, and Move from Striving to Thriving.

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