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There’s a difference between teams that work together and teams that win together.

Which one are you?

It’s time to redefine what success looks like and do what it takes to accomplish next-level results.

It’s time to actualize what you and your team are truly capable of.

Level up and win your way.

MWK's Story

If you can’t see yourself and your team as the ones who will achieve your goals, you will never get there. I help you build the leadership team identity and behaviors you need to experience the results you want. 


The Michael Wynne Kithcart Difference:

Helping Teams Make Better Business Decisions

I Challenge and I Champion. I am going to push you and believe in you before you fully believe in yourself. Because that’s when growth occurs. You can expect to experience candor, humor, and healthy challenge - all so that you can confidently step into your full capability.

I’ve Been There. I will not ask something of you that I haven’t already done myself. I have held C-Suite, SVP, and mid-level management roles throughout my career. I designed this program around the specific ways I created high performing teams, so you can, too.

I’m a Master Facilitator. I ask you the questions you won’t ask yourself. Then I help you make meaning of the answers. Because this isn’t about me – it’s about you and your team uncovering the solutions that will get you different business results by being better leaders.

Are you ready to redefine and accomplish success on your own terms?


“Michael has the talent for deep listening to understand the root of the issues you’re struggling with and asking powerful questions to help you uncover the answers. She’s also an incredible resource when it comes to being tactical, resourceful and productive. She’s helped me make a number of business decisions over the years that have not only led to increased revenue, but also increased happiness and fulfillment while doing it. I endorse her 100%!”

Jenny Evans, CEO, Speaker and Author

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Keynote Speaker

You hold pretty high expectations of yourself and those around you. I do too. That's why I can teach your team to create success on their own terms.


“Once you connect back to your truth about who you are and what you want to achieve from your work, you will be a powerful champion for yourself and others.”

–Michael W Kithcart

5x Your Personal Power

This 5x Your Personal Power Workbook is filled with self-growth exercises, top tips from podcasts, and action items for you to put into practice. Podcast topics include: Eliminating Excuses, Freedom is NOT What You’re Seeking, and Move from Striving to Thriving.

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