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Goal Setting is Not the Key to Success

Dec 01, 2021


Season 2, Episode 41


Planning for the new year doesn't have to be stressful or even time-consuming. You can learn to love numbers and set goals you've never achieved before with confidence. This episode challenges the notion that goal-setting is what creates success and offers a different approach to getting a whole new level of outcome. Make '22 the year that you went for the dream you haven't dared to write down or say out loud. Learn the one thing that will make a big difference in achieving your goals, plus a workshop that will expand your revenue potential. 



Grow Revenue in '22 Workshop 


Michael Kithcart:

Hello, I'm Michael W Kithcart, high performance sales coach and the creator of the Wynning Your Way framework. Welcome to the Champions of RISK podcast, where we examine the many aspects of risk so we can all face uncertainty with more courage and confidence together.

It is my favorite time of the year. I'm not talking about the holidays, I'm talking about planning. Yes, I love to actually create the vision of what is going to happen in the coming year and look at numbers and see what kind of stories those numbers are telling me and how it can influence decisions that I'm making going into the future.

Doesn't that sound like fun?

I know some of you are totally with me. And there are several of you that are just shaking your head. Because this is not the most favorite time of year, I'm always a little surprised of how people don't share in the joy of this. And quite frankly, people who absolutely avoid it. Like they do not want to plan where their business is going to go in the next year. They don't want to commit to a revenue number because it's 10%, higher or 20%, higher from the year before. And I really just think there's some conditioning that influences that; sometimes it's circumstances or maybe even the environment in which people work.

But if you are responsible for revenue in any way, shape, or form, as a business owner, as a sales professional, a sales leader, it's important to find ways to embrace being able to hit next levels of success. Because deep down, we want that we want our income to grow, we want our business to operate at a bigger level. And we want to hit revenue, milestones even just first satisfaction.

And in order to do things that we've never done before, we have to approach our way about going and getting there in a different way.

And so I just want to like, bust up this old belief that I had growing up in sales. I don't know about you, maybe you still have it. And it's that "goal setting is the key to success". Because I'm here to say it's not, it's absolutely not. Because if it was, everyone would hit their goal, right? I mean, you have to own your number. I'm not saying that you don't set a goal no matter what. But if that was really the key to success, people would hit their goals, they feel like they were winning, they'd finish the year high fiving.

And while, that does happen, I'm going to place money, I'm betting that those who hit the end of the year, championing and cheering themselves on, it wasn't because they had just set a goal. And said, After hitting it, there were other things that were coming that were in play to make that happen. And the great news is that it's possible for everyone. You can feel really good about what you've accomplished in the year that's almost done, and be excited and exuberant, about the possibility for the coming year.

So chances are, you know, the sales goal or the income goal, or the business growth that you want to get to. But you could be stuck thinking that incremental growth is really what you should be aiming for. Maybe you're not sure how you would get to a bigger number. Maybe you're thinking that there'd be a lot of pressure and expectation to achieve something that you've never done before. So it's a little bit safer to just say you'll do the same or a little bit more.

Or chances are you're letting fear get in the way because of some of the other reasons that I just mentioned, or because you can't see yourself being in that level of position of success and achievement and really, income. You just won't even let yourself go there.

Then the challenges is that that type of incremental thinking will not get you exponential results and deep down more often than not, people do want exponential results. But in absence of knowing how to get there, they play it small and keep it incremental.

The key here is that in order to get to a next level of sales growth, you have to step beyond the- an old model of an approach toward goal setting. There, there is a new model out there, there's a new way, or a fresh way, a different way. That will get you a different outcome and have it be more in line with what you really want to make happen. Even if you're too scared to say it right now.

I want to share with you my favorite quote that I heard from this year, it's from James Clear, who wrote Atomic Habits, great book, by the way, use it all the time. He also has a fantastic newsletter. And in his newsletter, he had this quote:

"The strategies that made you successful in the past will at some point reach their limit. Don't let your previous choices set your future ceiling. The willingness to try new ideas allows you to keep advancing."

I love that. Just because something worked for you in this year, those previous choices that you've made, and gained you some result, don't let that put a ceiling on what your possibility is for the future. And sometimes that's where I feel like, like the, the mechanical side of goal setting can really be limiting. So if that's not the key to success, what is?

I just want you to stick with me here because I say it's brain setting. Brain setting versus goal setting is really the key to success. It's about exponential growth. Next Level results. It's about remaining confident and oncourse regardless of what's happening around you, and brain setting is sustainable and flexible. All things that are needed in this uncertain times that we navigate through, right?

So let me give you an example. Think about a time when you really wanted something, maybe you wanted to acquire, a physical thing, like a job, a house, a car, or maybe it was something more like a result like a like an income level a revenue goal, a fitness level even. And when you really set out to attain that is the physical thing or the result. Did you go about doing things the exact same way as you always had done before? Or did you start to make shifts? Did you start to do things a little bit differently? Did you start to think about yourself in a different way? Did you start thinking about that intended result in a different way?

Just think about that for me - something had to shift in order for you to get a different outcome, right?

Well, brain setting aligns the thinking and right actions with a desired outcome. So that you can get a result that you've never attained before. And that, in order to get that, you have to become a different version of yourself to get there. It's not just thinking about something and reciting affirmations, thinking without action doesn't get you to next level growth. Right?

And taking massive action will get you results for sure. I can also get you fatigue and stress. But action alone isn't always sustainable. A question I always ask is, are they the right actions? Right? Are they focused on the outcome that you want? Or are you just going for any kind of outcome, or just going through motions? Sometimes saying no actually helps with the right actions. So sometimes you have to do less to get better results. Right? So it's not just doing for the sake of doing.

Brain setting aligns the right thinking and the right actions with your desired outcome. And that shift can make a huge difference. So if you think about it, like who do you need to be? And what do you need to do in order to get to where you want to go in '22?What has to stay the same? And what needs to shift? And what are you willing to go about and get started on right now? I mean, why wait till January 4, or 23rd, or March 1?

You know, like, now is as great a time as ever. And even just thinking through that piece right there can shift the way that you not only look at what you want to focus on for 2022, but how you would actually go about attaining it.

That 'how' piece is so critical, because so many times people start with that, like, the look at what's been done before how they went about it. And that actually determines what their goal is, rather than, no, what actually would make a difference for you? Why would you go through all that effort just to get the same or a similar outcome, when you can make a few shifts, approach your business in a slightly different way, and get a much greater outcome?

Deep down, if you're being honest with yourself deep down, there's an income goal, a revenue milestone, or something else that you want to hit.

But because you don't know how it will happen, you haven't you don't have it all figured out, you lower that number. You stick with what you know. Go back to James Clear here, don't let your previous choices, set your future ceiling. Try something new. With the likelihood that you will advance to a level that you haven't had before.

I want to share with you one tip. So if you're going to make a huge impact on your success in 2022, and you did only one thing, what would it be? It would it would be do what you say you're going to do. And research shows that you can increase your output productivity up to 500%. Just by doing what you say you're going to do. It's that commitment. It's that consistency.

So if you are looking for what's gonna be a catalyst for you, in the new year, what is it that's going to help you reach a new level of success that you have previously been unwilling to put on the line and just claim it and own it and go after it? Then I have two things for you.

One is the productivity number. Up to 500% more productive just by committing and doing what you say you're going to do. So if you do nothing else, start applying that.

And if you want help, if you're like, Okay, help me with the brain setting. Help me grow my revenue in 2022 - If you want help with this, and you don't want it to take a lot of time, then I am just going to call it out, I'm going to sell you now, because I am offering a workshop on December 9: Grow Your Revenue in '22. It is helping you get the right actions, the right thoughts aligned with the right actions for an intended outcome that is going to make a bigger impact for you in 2022. Why not have your biggest income; revenue; business; growth year ever coming up in 2022?

It's totally possible. I know this because the workshop that I'm offering you on December 9 is proven. It's worked with clients. I've taken other people through this workshop where they were so hesitant to raise their number on what they thought that they could hit for the coming year. And by the end of the workshop, they were like, holy cow. Not only is this possible, I can do more than what I thought it was possible 90 minutes before.

People are changing their total mindset around what it is that's possible for the coming year. And they also know what those next few action steps are going to be. So I invite you, if this is of interest to you, to check out the Grow Revenue in '22 workshop. It's on December 9. It's 90 minutes. It's interactive. It's a virtual workshop. It's going to walk you through the steps to grow revenue at a new level. By the end of this workshop, you're going to have your game plan with a few, next few action steps that you can incorporate today.

Why would you even wait? You can start impacting the new year now. Plus, you'll determine your real revenue potential and how possible it really is. And you're going to discover how you can go beyond the sales mechanics and the traditional goal setting exercises to reaching a new level of success, that can be more rewarding. And I would say you would have more fun.

You will have more fun! So check it out. Go to for more information, and the registration link is also in the show notes. So, Grow Revenue in '22 Brain Setting over Goal Setting. Come on. Let's get it all aligned right now and start paving the path for an incredible, mind blowing 2022.


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