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Erik Therwanger on Chaos

May 05, 2021

Season 2, Episode 18


“The military and the business sector just handle chaos differently.” – Erik Therwanger

Cancer, Combat and Covid. What do all three of these have in common? Chaos and Erik Therwanger. He uses his personal, professional and service experiences to help businesses and teams reach new levels of success. As the Founder of Think GREAT, Erik sees a great opportunity with returning work forces to have CEOs and managers lead in a different way to create work cultures that represent a new era post COVID. He shares how he’s counted on his Marine training to navigate other chaotic times in his life, and how understanding the three stages of chaos can better equip leaders and build better teams.



Think Great

Think Great Experience Podcast

Masterclass: How to Move from Exhausted to Energized: For Leader on the Brink of Burnout



 Michael Kithcart: 

Hello, I'm Michael Kithcart. I'm a high...

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Nancy Lyons on Mindset in the Workplace

Apr 28, 2021

Season 2, Episode 17


Buckle up, buttercup. This episode covers a lot of ground as Nancy Lyons and I talk about death, grief, racism, white privilege, mindset in the workplace, making work better, how Wells Fargo could make banking better coming out of COVID, and being kind. Nancy is the co-founder and CEO of Clockwork, an award-winning digital agency. She has been a leader in the technology industry for more than 25 years and has proven that people first business strategy wins. She is also a national speaker, great conversationalist, and the author of “Work Like a Boss: A Kick in the Pants Guide to Finding (and Using) Your Power at Work”.



Work Like a Boss

Dr. Joi Lewis

Masterclass: Secrets of the World's Most Successful People



Michael Kithcart: 0:00
Hello, I'm Michael Kithcart. I'm a high performance business coach and entrepreneur who helps worn out achievers become thriving trailblazers - if I...

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Mike and Gaby Israel Grinberg - Partners in Business and Life

Apr 21, 2021

Season 2, Episode 16


“The way we look at it is, when you have a business partner, your business partnership is built on trust. And if you can't trust your spouse, you got a whole different set of issues, right? It actually helps that you're never questioning the other person's motives – they are both automatically going in the same direction.” – Mike Grinberg on being in business with a spouse

There are many reasons entrepreneurs start their businesses, including necessity. Mike and Gaby Israel Grinberg created Proofpoint Marketing, a remote people first business to business revenue marketing agency, out of necessity to generate income that also met specific family needs. Mike and Gaby share their personal journey that includes their now thriving daughter who was born four months prematurely. Hear how the partners in life became business partners, what works well working with a spouse, the surprising risk of being in business together, and...

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How to Move from Striving to Thriving

Apr 14, 2021

Season 2, Episode 15


“It felt like my whole life changed once I made the necessary shifts to get in thrive mode.” 

Have you ever felt like you’re working hard but you’re not sure where it’s getting you?

Do you wonder what you’re working towards? 

I used to be the same way. I was striving and achieving, it’s just it was coming at a high cost to me and the people around me. 

It took a lot of unwinding of old beliefs - like I had to work hard to get ahead – and really identifying what work and activities mattered…and which ones didn’t. 

I’m not going to lie. I didn’t make it easy on myself. I took the long route, but now that I’m on the other side, I want to share ways you can move from striving to thriving at a much faster pace than I did. 

Psst…it’s easier than I thought it would be.

If you pride yourself on being a hard worker, but you’d like more ease...

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Kori Stephens on Radical Alignment

Apr 07, 2021

Season 2, Episode 14


“There's a really big disconnect between some of the systems we put in place, and what our community really needs. And that was the struggle for me was trying to figure out how do we bridge this gap? And really show up?” – Kori Stephens

What if our words, actions, systems, and culture were all aligned? What could that do for communities, businesses, and the alteration of leadership? This is a deep conversation that covers a lot of territory with Kori Stephens (she/her), a culture curator, leadership coach, organizational consultant and wholeness revolutionary. Yes, a wholeness revolutionary and you’re going to want to listen to discover how much we need this movement. Kori is the Founder of Resonance Rising which supports her mission through consulting, coaching and the development of the Resonant Leader Lab. Hear how radical alignment is both possible and necessary on this episode of Champions of  RISK.



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Eric Harkins on Leadership

Mar 31, 2021

Season 2, Episode 13


“If you’re not sure, you’re sure.” – Eric Harkins

If your culture sucks, it stems from the top. It’s really that simple. Even simpler, there are a few key areas leaders need to focus on that can and do create great workplace culture. This week we talked with Eric Harkins, President, and Founder of GKG Search & Consulting. His company helps leaders get, keep and grow talent, all of which require certain leadership skills. Eric organized his key lessons from 25 years in HR leadership in his new book “Great Leaders Make Sure Monday Morning Doesn’t Suck”. We talk all about the little things leaders can do to create cultures high performers want to be a part of…and a few of the things leaders don’t do that cause more trouble than they need to.



“Great Leaders Make Sure Monday Morning Doesn’t Suck: A Guide to Building Great Workplace Culture” by...

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Rebekkah Lamar Brunson on Eat Deliciously, Love Freely

Mar 24, 2021

Season 2, Episode 12


“I knew I wanted to share this product with the community around me.” – Rebekkah Lamar Brunson

Rebekkah Lamar Brunson and Bobbi Jo Lamar Brunson created their company, Sweet Troo•Vī Waffle, as a vessel for good.

Not only do they serve up deliciously kind waffles and luxury sweetness, but they’re also committed to spreading love, encouraging change, and doing the most good within their community. Hear about their commitment to youth, partnering with other small minority/woman/LGBTQ+ businesses, and modeling being a TROO human (To Realize your Optimal Opportunities). Hope, love, and inspiration, all on this episode of Champions of RISK.



Sweet Troo•Vī Waffle 

Champion YOU Group Coaching



Michael Kithcart: 

Hello, I'm Michael Kithcart. I'm a high performance business coach and entrepreneur who helps wornout super achievers move from stuck to unstoppable. Welcome to the...

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Michael Kithcart on Being Your own Champion

Mar 17, 2021

Season 2, Episode 11


“Champion is about being a warrior and an advocate. When you break it down, if you’re rallying a team, building a business, working on being the best version of you, how could you be anything other than a champion?” – Michael W Kithcart

The only thing I love more than winning is helping other people win.

Everyone needs a champion in their corner, someone who sees the potential before you do, who believes in your ability when you’re not quite yet there.

At the same time, it’s essential to learn how to champion yourself, make your voice heard, champion your dreams. 

This week’s episode breaks down the many ways champion is not reserved for athletic elites, but rather a movement to bring out the very best in yourself and others. 





Hello, I'm Michael Kithcart.

I'm a high performance business coach and entrepreneur who helps more...

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Jodi Duncan on Women Supporting Women

Mar 10, 2021

Season 2, Episode 10


Why aren’t women more supportive of other women? For all the women’s organizations, networking groups, and women empowerment programs, so many of us have experienced times when other women didn’t have our back, that we weren’t united or even interested in empowering others. This is a conversation that’s been had by many privately, and we want to change that. On this episode of Champions of RISK, Jodi Duncan and I talk about what’s changed from when we first started our professional careers and the barriers we still witness. Jodi has long championed women in the workplace. She is the President of Flint Communications, a full-service marketing communication agency headquartered in Fargo, ND., and writes about her experiences and observations in her blog series Women in Business.



Women in Business blog

Flint Communications

Ladyboss Midwest



Michael Kithcart: 


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Michael Kithcart: Courage

Mar 03, 2021

Season 2, Episode 9


“Forget safety. Live where you fear to live. Destroy your reputation. Be notorious.” - Rumi

I read this quote every day. 

And some days, it scares me. 

Other days, it excites me. 

But every day, it reminds me that we all have a choice to live a courageous life. 

In this episode of Champions of RISK, I help you identify what courage means to you, point out the types of pain fear generates and walk you through where you can elevate your level of courage. 

Determine if you’re a worrier, a waiter, or a warrior. 

And learn what to do with each.




Hello, I'm Michael Kithcart.

I'm a high performance business coach and entrepreneur who helps move stressed out leaders and high achievers from stuck to unstoppable.

Welcome to the Champions of RISK Podcast, where we examine the many aspects of risks, so we can all face uncertainty with more strength, courage, and humor together.

Yes, I...

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